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  1. He conquered the still-surviving British kingdom of Elmet ( HB ch. 63) and extended over the men of Lindsey (among whom the missionary Paulinus baptized at Lincoln and Littleborough ( HE II, 16)), a lordship which must soon have come to embrace the Mercians north of the Trent and, no doubt by slower degrees, those south of it.
  2. HarperCollins shows well again with the trade paperback of Raymond Feist's The King's Buccaneer (8.99) and two Katherine Kerr titles, A Time of War (8.99 and hb) the A format of the first in the series, A Time of Omens (4.99).
  3. By this time I am starting to use other grades of pencil, from 6H to HB.
  4. He rejected the crutches he was offered and gently remonstrated with HB chief Stappert who helped him, wounded- cowboy style, up the steps to the rostrum.
  5. This year Bradl has a new two-year contract with HB and he has switched from Michelin to Dunlop tyres.
  6. This is another addition to Mars literature from Greg Bear with Moving Mars (Legend, 8.99, and hb).
  7. It's half-past-bleedin'-four of a mid-cold September morning and the loudest thing for miles around is the scratching of beard and conformist HB pencil!
  8. With a driving instructor in a Vauxhall Viva HB.
  9. hb Climbing Equipment Approx retail: 23.50 to 28.70
  10. FENDER USA Standard Strat, Floyd, 1 HB, 2 SC, pearloid plate, case, tags, excellent, 400.
  11. Lynne Reid Banks The Mystery of the Cupboard 11th June, hb 8.99, pb 3.50 The Adventures of King Midas 11th June, hb 7.99, pb 2.99 The Magic Hare 11th June, 2.99 P.o.s.: colour 39-copy dumpbin containing a mix of new and back list titles; Indian style banner; golden key brooch and tie pin for booksellers; author poster Author tour: author appearance at the School Library Association a.g.m., Bristol, in May; speaker at Georges Bookshop, Bristol; literary lunch in Chichester; events in Worcester, London, Manchester, Bath, Chorley, Cambridge and Edinburgh Book Festival; guest speaker at the Royal Over-Seas League's Literary Lecture, London, in November PR: local media throughout author tour; feature by author in Books for Keeps , The Mystery of the Cupboard reviewed on Radio 4's Treasure Islands in June
  12. Of course, Bradl's worth memory of 1990 will always be HB team-mate Reinhold Roth's tragic Rijeka accident.
  13. But Mang's plans collapsed and HB sponsorship manager Dieter Stappert stepped in.

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