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Перевод: helicopter speek helicopter

вертолет ; геликоптер ;
перевозить на вертолете


  1. Tell-tale signs were the oil slick form the helicopter and the pilot's progress in the water.
  2. On a day when Mr Kinnock was storming Southampton with helicopter and balloons, Prof Plant was quietly having lunch at home after a visit to his department.
  3. Unita rebels shot down an Angolan military MI-17 helicopter, injuring two crewmen, the official news agency Angop said yesterday.
  4. In research completed this year, one of us (Randles) has shown that the "mystery helicopter" is a typical UAP and has verified in the field a substantial number of Persinger's postulates.
  5. Describing what he does with certain scenes - Neeson's torture and the destruction of his lab, a helicopter chase across a city skyline - would spoil their visionary kinetics and sheer comic surprise.
  6. Heseltine was anxious to set up a link between Westland and a consortium of European helicopter companies, whereas the DTI was adamant the company should make up its own mind.
  7. These aircraft are directed to the fire by a helicopter and release their 2,000 litres of water in three seconds, and "then you have to push the stick forward!"
  8. Helicopter to Paris to discuss the first Carter Autumn Collection.
  9. The helicopter was already fuelled and ready to go.
  10. The bag was folded over him and zipped up, then placed on a stretcher, into a pannier beneath a helicopter, and flown to the post-mortem laboratory.
  11. Disabled former Fleet Air Arm helicopter pilot Trevor Jones is planning to fly a CFM Shadow microlight across the English Channel later this summer, and would like some company.
  12. He says: "I'll get the boat, I'll get the helicopter."
  13. The helicopter found her in the vicinity of Kammies.

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