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Перевод: Jim speek Jim

[имя собственное]


  1. As Jim Durcan, director of the leadership development programme at Ashridge Management College, observes: "They looked at the way US auto factories, for example, were run compared to Japanese auto factories.
  2. Which was just as well, as Jim was not ideally cut out to be a farmer!
  3. Jim took up the slack on his own chain and four others, like the Casting-Master almost naked except for a blackened leather apron and tight-fitting skull cap, pulled and cursed the liquid iron on its descent to the earth.
  4. Without any hesitation all the girls chose the correct shirts belonging to, respectively, Jim Foster, Stewart Ayres, Dave Jolly, Gavin Davies, James Burt and Matthew John.
  5. He deserves his reputation for radicalism - he has the softness of a cerebral bop guitarist like Jim Hall but coupled with the sudden fire of Jimmy Hendrix.
  6. Look at the way Waldegrave's initiative for openness collapsed as soon as people saw it was going to land them in it," said Jim.
  7. It was Jim Callaghan's dithering in 1978 and failure to anticipate the horrors and effect of the "winter of discontent" that contributed substantially to Labour's defeat in the General Election the following year.
  9. Jim Cleary, chairman, said: "We prosper in uncertainty.
  10. Boss Jim Bloom says 90% of Cranswick's pigs now live in fields.
  11. Their second gig earned them a rave review by NME 's Jim Shelley.
  13. With regards to putting all six strings in one packet and the problem Jim has with how guitarists will know which gauge is which, why don't you colour code each string, Jim?

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