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Перевод: jib speek jib

кливер [мор.] ; укосина ; укосина грузоподъемного крана; стрела крана; стрела грузоподъемного крана; крановая балка; подкос ; норовистая лошадь;
внезапно останавливаться; внезапно упираться; артачиться; топтаться на месте; пятиться (о лошади); упираться [перен.]; перекидываться; переносить


  1. Trent saw a dark figure grab the jib foot, forcing the sail hard back into the breeze.
  2. But possibly because he had noted how Conner had lost a protest in mirror-image circumstances, he dropped his jib.
  3. He raised the main, lashing the tiller bar, and ran forward to set the jib.
  4. Dropping the storm jib, he raised the number two.
  5. He selected the number two jib, clipping the spring shackles to the forestay.
  6. Trent gathered it and wrapped it with ties to the boom before going forward to raise the storm jib.
  7. The next swell lifted Golden Girl , and using the down slope for extra speed, Trent swung the helm over, holding the jib sheet tight till the bow came through the wind.
  8. With an eye on the speed indicator, he eased the main out an extra couple of inches and did the same for the jib.
  9. Suddenly the backing of the jib connected in Trent's mind.
  10. The thunder of it drowned his voice as he yelled at the rodman up in the bows to hold the jib clear of the stays.
  11. Whatever the urgency, setting more than the number three jib and the mainsail would have been stupid.
  12. He let the jib sheet loose and heaved in on the main.
  13. Trent held the jib backed, sailing the cat stern on.

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