j ja jc jd je ji jn jo jp jr jt ju

Перевод: jibe speek jibe

насмешка ; колкость ; кливер [мор.] ;
соответствовать; согласоваться; соглашаться; переносить; перекидывать; перекидываться; делать поворот через фордевинд; насмехаться


  1. This story is commonly understood as an atheistic jibe against religion.
  2. The Windbag jibe for starters.
  3. This is the sort of cheap bitter jibe we love to say to each other when we feel wronged by life and attribute it to the lukewarm stew of Englishness.
  4. That's Life made to pay for cheap jibe against "last of the Hi-de-Hi camps".
  5. But the COS had refused to acknowledge the role of economic forces with respect to character, justifying J. A. Hobson's jibe that their philosophy could be summed up in the phrase "character is the condition of conditions".
  6. It was a jibe that nearly became a prophecy, though Cambridge were left with more of a one-horse race.
  7. Health Secretary fends off Commons accusations over decision to mobilise the army in ambulance dispute Strike-break jibe at Clarke.
  8. We face Labour's jibe that the Government holds all our revenue and that we can only save 20 per cent from our house sales."
  9. That was a jibe, her father couldn't.
  10. Perhaps they are right, though the SNP has now taken to calling Labour "Tartan Tories", a jibe once more fairly directed at them.
  11. Jimmy heard the jibe.
  12. She tried to superimpose this place on Amelia Dorf's house, but could not make the images jibe.
  13. Sandison had not intended this to sound like a jibe but it did.

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