j ja jc jd je ji jn jo jp jr jt ju

Перевод: jiffy speek jiffy

мгновение; миг


  1. With practice, teething troubles such as these get ironed out and the Femidom becomes a happy rival to your Mates, Durex, or Jiffy.
  2. Then I'll decide whether to post him the last reels of film in a Jiffy bag or fly back to London with them myself.
  3. "Fine," said I cheerily, "I shall be round in a jiffy."
  4. I shall find the body in a jiffy and we shall apprehend the guilty party before the day is out."
  5. In a jiffy he had dropped silently onto the flowerbed below.
  6. only the most conscientious (and, frankly, those with nothing better to do) dutifully plough through everything that flops out of a jiffy bag and on to their desk.
  7. For seed sowing, peat compost and "Jiffy" pellets are very popular
  8. Shan't be a jiffy."
  9. And in a jiffy you would be in the garden, and in another jiffy you would be through the front gate, and in yet another jiffy you would be exploring the marvellous Forest of Sin all by yourself.
  10. In another jiffy he was out through the garden gate.
  11. He opened it carefully and extracted a padded brown Jiffy bag.

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