j ja jc jd je ji jn jo jp jr jt ju

Перевод: jig speek jig

зажимное приспособление; кондуктор ; сборочное приспособление; шаблон ; отсадочная машина; балка ; роликовая красильная машина; блесна ; приманка ; джига ; проделка [разг.] ; патрон ; матрица ;
зажимать; закреплять; сортировать; промывать руду; танцевать джигу; быстро двигаться взад и вперед


  1. Some good words to use are CAB JIG FED HAD JADE JAB BEACH BAG BADE CHEF FADE
  2. diameter drift pins, turned to close tolerances to fit snugly into the jig drilled holes and having a head at one end and the other end tapered, for driving.
  3. A jig saw is the ideal tool for this job
  4. Fortunately, the contribution by Peter Guyett, (WW/Sept.89/p.803) of his router jig, saved the project.
  5. If the ribs (sides) are thinner, as suggested (about 1.5mm) hot bending will not be necessary and a better shape can be achieved by the use of a simple jig to hold the ribs while the glue dries.
  6. A further idea is to make a saw out of cardboard so, when the child arrives, he or she can do a little jig with the saw or, possibly better, you could put strings on the saw and have the saw doing the jig.
  7. Third operation - (a) doors which had been made and gauged in a master jig, cased inside and polished, were hung, the locks and handles fitted and seat bearers fixed by body makers.
  8. We danced a little jig around the food, hardly believing our luck.
  9. The train rumbled nearer, Ian was still jigging about on the parapet, he could see the smoke box lamp flickering, then as the train was almost on the bridge the smoke enveloped the structure as Ian was doing his Highland jig; he suddenly lost his balance and fell down onto the smoke box frame, the force of the fall did its lethal work and killed Ian Watson.
  10. Sometimes one of them would leap to his feet and dance a jig before falling over.
  11. The high standard of workmanship achieved was well illustrated by the fact that a bridge assembled from units drawn from four contractors and made from different jig sets went together simply.
  12. The complete task involved lifting a number of panels from their storage racks, loading them on to a jig, clamping them into position, arc welding a seam to join them, and then transferring the welded sub-assembly from the jig to another storage rack so that it could be transported to the next production stage.
  13. It finished, he tapped his foot, one two three four, and then he did launch into a jig, springy and violent.

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