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Перевод: jigger speek jigger

рабочий, промывающий руду; сортировщик ; мерный стаканчик; гончарный круг; отсадочная машина; трансформатор затухающих колебаний; хват-тали [мор.] ; выносная бизань; джиггер ; танцор, исполняющий джигу; кукольник ; короткое женское пальто; грохот ; чигу [энт.] ; роликовая красильная машина


  1. But then, as Hugo Rune said, "not much slips past the damn Chinese when it comes to jigger jig".
  2. Miss Scott-Russell the winner, used a brassie and jigger.
  3. Because he could jigger up the doors just the same as anybody else.
  4. At 1150 the flight encountered Jigger Green flight, also up from East Wretham.
  5. Vi McKeown knew every back street and jigger north of the Liver Building, and she would get there.
  6. The brassie is equivalent to the No. 2 wood (which had a brass plate on the sole to save wear when used on the fairway), whereas the jigger (a narrow faced club with a little loft) is approximately to the "chipper" enjoying some popularity today.
  7. acorn, almond, arm baby maker, bald-headed hermit, bazooka, beef, beef bayonet, big bird, big foot Joe, bird, blue-veined piccolo, blue-veined steak, blue-veined trumpet, blow stick, candy stick, cannon, cherry splitter, chopper, cock, colleen bawn, cream stick, dagger, dangler, derrick, dibble, dick, dickery dock, dingaling, ding-dong, dingus, dinosaur, dirk, do-jigger, dong, doodle, doover, dork, driving post, end, equipment, ferret, flapper, four-eleven-forty-four, giggle stick, goober, good-time gun, gut stick, hammer, Hampton rock, Hampton Wick, hog, honker, horn, ID, inch, Irish root, jigger, jock, joint, JT, John Thomas, joy prong, joy stick, kidney wiper, knob, liver tickler, love truncheon, one-eyed brother, one-eyed trouser snake, peace-maker, pecker, percy, peter, peenie, piece, pillock, pipe, pistol, plonker, pole, pork sword, prick, prod, prong, pud, putz, rod, short arm, skin flute, stalk, stick, tagger, third leg, todger, tommy, tube steak, tummy banana, weapon, wedding tackle, wife's best friend, willy, winkle, woofer, worm, yoyo, yutz
  8. No 4 pilot of Jigger Green flight saw an aircraft attacking from the rear and broke into it and engaged it in combat, but as Jigger Green 4 turned to rejoin his flight he saw an aircraft tumbling at about 8,000ft.
  9. That's the alley, yeah, or the ginnel or the snicket you know or in Liverpool they call it a jigger
  10. Whilst in the turn Lt Ferris broke away from Lt Marrons' and attacked the second element of Jigger Green .

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