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Перевод: jiggle speek jiggle

покачивание; тряска ;
покачиваться; трястись; покачивать; трясти


  1. Erm, put all of that in the storage binder, please for the moment, erm, if you, you've got so much stationary now, you'll probably find it quite difficult to close it, but, if you jiggle it around enough you'll be able to do it.
  2. Hand in hand, my head composing witty excuses to lay hands on those ball-aching boobs - break the ice, break the duck.Too late; she brushes herself down, roughly, I feel, making them jiggle.
  3. Sometimes the wasp may even insert a small twig into the soil and jiggle it about to help settle the material.
  4. Savage little pig, Rose would shout as the hard gums clamped on to her, then she'd jiggle her, pleased at the child's appetite.
  5. Erm to sit down, it's alright saying that I've got Alf and I've got Tracey there are times when I I need to sit down and jiggle stuff about, and look at something
  6. Manolo's eyes followed her jiggle from the door to the desk and back.
  7. A "bit of a jiggle" was nice, she said, but too much and it wasn't.
  8. I I think what we may be able t I mean yes I think that what you may be able to do is jiggle things about so that, you don't get much social psychology until the end I know I mean there wasn't really much time
  9. It's all wiggle-waggle and jiggle joggle at those places."
  10. Drop the arch-top, jiggle the controls around a bit - oh, and don't forget to lose the pointy headstock - and what have you got?
  11. There is also recognition of the importance of speed reduction measures, illustrated by discussion of speed humps, rumble strips, jiggle bars and so forth.

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