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Перевод: jingle speek jingle

звон ; звяканье; побрякивание; звонок ; бубенец ; созвучие; аллитерация ; австралийская крытая двухколесная повозка; ирландская крытая двухколесная повозка;
звенеть; звякать; изобиловать созвучиями; изобиловать аллитерациями


  1. I can hear the jingle now: "Wonderful Radio 2: Derek and Julian".
  2. Who else could have divined the route from "jingle" through "tingle" and "mingle" to the inevitable sad "single" in a four-line Christmas poem.
  3. with all its attendant trivialities , occupied the Royal Society for some time and even King George III was drawn into the argument as is shown by the contemporary jingle:
  4. An orange circle of light, the beam from his torch, darted round the tent walls, there was the jingle of keys and I felt them cold in my hand.
  5. In the condition in which he so often found himself, this jingle amused Leslie quite a bit.
  6. Since he was barely known in Britain at the time, the review of the recording in the March 1947 issue of Gramophone makes no mention of Karajan himself, let alone any gratuitous remarks of the crash of boots and jingle of spurs variety.
  7. He buys off Jingle after his elopement with Miss Wardle, acts as Slumkey's agent in the Eatanswill election, and after handling Pickwick's defence in Mrs Bardell's action for breach of promise, secures his release from the Fleet, and later negotiates the payment of costs with Dodson and Fogg.
  8. (Traditional Jingle)
  9. A horrid jingle sets the tone.
  10. In the right - jingle jingle.
  11. Jingle's sagacious gun-dog.
  12. And at the end they used to have a jingle:

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