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Перевод: jinks

веселье; шутки


  1. This attitude became institutionalised in Virgin through the ritual of the staff outing, in which the company would take over some holiday hotel for three or four days of high jinks.
  2. He used to get up to all kinds of high jinks on those trips, by all accounts.
  3. There were carry-ons and carry-outs, a Florentine potage of high jinks and art, in which the outmoded sedan-chair was soon to join lepers, witches, battling Provosts, Jacobites and clubgoers alike, in the bottomless lobby-press of the vanished centuries.
  4. flinch at your high jinks,
  5. "Hi Jinks" appeared to be perfect.
  6. Bar manager Carolyn Barker presents a cheque to Steve Jinks, Warren School's deputy head, backed up by CCG staff (from left):
  7. While the incident curbed her wilder high jinks, Diana was always game for a dare.
  8. The main features marking the presence of a poltergeist are moving objects, electrical high jinks, or mysterious noises.
  9. HIGH jinks in the Manpower Services Commission, I reckoned for one gleeful moment.
  10. Hi Jinks had an awesome range of martial skills which she practiced on small children.
  11. For most of the last mile, in fact, the race looked a match between Northern Jinks and Kilhallon Castle.

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