j ja jc jd je ji jn jo jp jr jt ju

Перевод: jinx speek jinx

человек, приносящий несчастье; вещь, приносящая несчастье; дурной глаз;
приносить несчастье


  1. Faldo has suffered a final round jinx this year and it would have finished in disaster had Norman's putt fallen.
  2. City had not won a League game at Portman Road for 30 years, and had not scored in their last seven visits, but the jinx looked to have come to an end when Gary Flitcroft's first senior goal for the club gave them a 37th minute lead.
  3. Reds jinx
  4. NORWAY'S Stig Inge Bjornebye has fallen victim to Liverpool's injury jinx - before he ever appears in a red shirt.
  5. Wimbledon could give Arsenal a lift by continuing their jinx on Liverpool.
  6. I'm beginning to think the fans will soon see me as a bit of a jinx.
  7. The jinx has often centred on the simple art of mixing concrete.
  8. Northampton finished fourth, after finally ending the Norwich jinx with a 3-;1 home win in the last game of the season, which brought a visit by 800 members of Norwich Supporters Club.
  9. Shares in Thames slipped on fears that the company may not be able to shake off the jinx which has dogged so many American acquisitions by British foragers.
  10. On the second occasion we were overcome by severe stomach pains (a touch of food poisoning, I guess), which caused us to abandon the attempt, again on Elidir Fawr - obviously our jinx mountain.
  11. COLIN PASCOE'S injury jinx has struck again at Sunderland.
  12. Jinx
  13. Deadly jinx of Lockerbie

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