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Перевод: launch speek launch

спуск судна на воду; баркас ; катер ; моторная лодка;
спускать на воду; спускать судно на воду; предпринимать; начинать; пускать в ход; выпускать; запускать; запустить; катапультировать; бросать; метать; разразиться; горячо высказать


  1. Now, APX quality and sound are available to the more budget conscious musician with the launch of three new guitars; the APX-4, APX Special I and APX Special II.
  2. Launch the lifeboat, take our chances, or two, we go after whatever it is."
  3. She plans to launch her own designer clothes label but that is one area where her younger sister has pipped her at the post.
  4. Page 19 BSB launch: British Satellite Broadcasting has launched into the market for satellite communications.
  5. While you can still hit the opponent with any one of your body weapons he, in effect, has turned away from you and can launch no direct attack without first twisting to face you.
  6. Do not try to get all the way back to the launch point unless you have ample height.
  7. Again, if the acceleration is poor the climb must not be steepened quickly or it will be impossible to recover in time if the launch fails.
  8. Still riding the crest of that foaming wave, she took up a microphone one day and sang an old classic, which caught the ear of a sharp record producer who would very soon launch her as a pop star.
  9. Princess Anne, president of the charity, will launch the appeal in London on April 27th and Jacquie Dakin and local supporters of SCF hope that Herald readers will respond in even greater numbers.
  10. If the launch is much too slow, the nose must be lowered and the launch abandoned immediately.
  11. And expertise gained has enabled the university to launch a new MSc course in shellfish biology, fisheries and culture - due to take its first students in the coming academic year.
  12. To date almost 100 graduates have participated in the GEP and the majority have gone on to successfully launch their own businesses.
  13. His withdrawal was unobtrusive, but it was of great import, for he was off to launch his "Operation Rubicon"; the long-awaited coup was scheduled for the night of 1-;2 December.

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