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Перевод: llama speek llama

лама [зоол.] ; гуанако [зоол.]


  1. The Andes of Peru, for example, provided animals like the llama and alpaca which were domesticated approximately 7 kyr BP, and in the Tehuacn Valley of Mexico the first permanent agricultural systems of the Americas were developed c. 8 or 9 kyr BP.
  2. MOTORISTS were made late for work yesterday by a llama which wandered from its farm on to the A22 at Forest Row, Sussex.
  3. Llama excuse
  4. These sheets lined different areas of the tomb and separated different groups of offerings such as ceramic vessels, bronze implements, llama limbs and shell beads.
  5. 7 All except Prince Edward are self-confessed toe-suckers. 8 All except the llama are Buddists. 9 All except the Archbishop have sired love children.
  6. For instance, you can draw nice big nostrils on a llama's face.
  7. One would have thought that the Incas might have invented a llama cart, given other ingenuities that they displayed.
  8. As the plains became higher and colder, so another memorable Andean beast appeared - the guanaco, country cousin to the llama, brother to the vicua and the alpaca, and properly regarded as a small and humpless camel.
  9. Barnsgate Manor has a 12 acre vineyard, a llama herd, donkeys, a museum, winery, tearooms and restaurant.
  10. Looking more like a lumpy llama than a sheep, poor Carlos is all alone in the world - and quite understandably, a mate is being sought.
  11. When you woke, at first light, you'd find an untended llama nosing in your pocket and a party of Thrant flake traders setting up their market all around your bed.
  12. Bruce Gyngell/Boy George/The Dalai Lama/A llama

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