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с ограниченной ответственностью


  1. Take Emily Ltd as an example.
  2. It costs 40 to register, via Compu Tag (UK) Ltd on 0424 730760 or Polygon Insurance on 048 171 6000.
  3. Bagshot, Surrey-based consultancy OutSource International Ltd is to establish and manage a network of UK resellers for Transputer-based massively parallel database systems builder White Cross Systems Ltd: the aim is to generate some 20m in revenues for White Cross over the next three years; OutSource is recruiting UK resellers through its ChannelSource Europe arm, and they will target medium sized customers in the finance, retail and insurance sectors; European White Cross channels in France, Germany, Italy and Switzerland are set to follow.
  4. B W SIZER Ltd, privately owned jewellers of Huntress Row, Scarborough become Rolex Dealers from May 1st.
  5. The leading case is Anisminic Ltd v. Foreign Compensation Commission , where the House of Lords held that the effect of an exclusion clause is only to prevent errors of law by a tribunal which are within its jurisdiction: the clause would not prevent the review of decisions outside jurisdiction.
  6. At a trade exhibition in Miami in February 1991, "legcuffs" were being promoted at a stall registered in the name of "Hiatt and Company Ltd of Birmingham".
  8. The work was funded by UK Nirex Ltd, NAGRA and Ontario Hydro.
  9. Union Discount alleged breach of a duty of care in tort and claimed in respect of the dishonour of four bills of exchange drawn by Berg, three of them on a company called Esal Commodities Ltd.
  10. The danger that, by trying to protect your future career prospects, you may throw away substantial cash sums in terms of severance payments is a real one, as the case of International Computers Ltd v Kennedy (1981) illustrates.
  11. Peter and Karen Viney Three Vee Ltd 24 Elgin Road Talbot Woods Bournemouth BH4 9NL
  12. Ltd.
  13. They make these anti-Stussy "Victim" shirts which come in three versions: t-shirt 14, long sleeve t 17.50, and sweatshirt 21.95, pp is 1.50 cheques to "Method Air Ltd", check their advert for address.

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