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Перевод: mew speek mew

чайка ; клетка ; мяуканье; линька ;
сажать в клетку; посадить в клетку; линять; сбрасывать рога; мяукать


  1. Mew found the fire had gone out and blew to 76 for 145.
  2. Collected by Joan Smith under an umbrella title that puns the phrase fin de sicle , half the stories remind us of what preoccupied women writers (including Charlotte Mew, Edith Wharton and Ella D'Arcy) at the turn of the last century.
  3. This was followed by Des Penrose who hushed the audience with his frank and vivid recap of his accident in the Mew Gull G-;AEXF.
  4. Your luck is in Mrs Mew as Ann Kite begins a new "Teach In" series on ribbers in our October Issue.
  5. The flapping of their wings and the strange cries they make would indeed have been eerie for those who Mew nothing of bird migration.
  6. Des Penrose described the last moments of Mew Gull G-;AEXF to the HAA.
  7. On a one-year view, the authors recommend Boddington, Devenish, Greenalls and Wolverhampton Dudley as buys among the larger companies, and Burtonwood, Gibbs Mew and Shepherd Neame among the smaller ones.
  8. On the opposite Gigant Street corner were the offices of Gibbs Mew, whilst next came the large, well-proportioned Milford Street United Methodist Church, fronted by cast iron railings above a low wall.
  9. Stephen Pullan and Iain Pyman both gave further evidence of the strength of Sand Moor by upstaging clubmate Cage with 68s, while Stephen Burnell (Brickendon Grange) and Stoneham's Alan Mew got in on the act by matching the exacting par of 69.
  10. Sounds such as traffic, footsteps and noise may be heard well, but sounds like the flute, telephone bell or kitten's mew may be missed altogether.
  11. "Nightie" and "mighty" may sound alike but they look and feel entirely different, as do "mow" and "know", "mew" and "new", "night" and "might"; compare them in up-to-time sentences.
  12. Gigant Street was most interesting for it not only housed Gibbs Mew Co's Brewery but also Tylee's Rag and Bone store or more correctly, as the large sign at the front of the building proclaimed, "C.E. TYLEE, Wool, Horsehair, Rag, Metal and Skin Merchant and Marine Store Dealer."
  13. The cat will mew and dog will have his day",

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