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Перевод: Negro speek Negro

негритянский; темнокожий; темный; черный;
негр ; негритянка


  1. Blues singers do well in Ireland, as Celts have a feeling for Negro music.
  2. Mada Joyce had, it seemed, no husband but seven children from three different fathers, each apparently blacker than the one before and the latest, who occasionally visited and made half-hearted repairs to the shack, Nana dismissed as "nothing but pure Negro."
  3. From halls of council to his negro's shed,
  4. He stresses also the white person's fear of and fascination with the imagined sexual potency of the negro: "For the majority of white men the Negro represents the sexual instinct (in its raw state).
  5. Guillaume was a pioneer in buying the work of the new painters, the "extremists", Picasso, Matisse, Derain, Chirico and Modigliani, and also had a fine collection of Negro sculpture himself.
  6. Their call for a reconsideration of Negro origins reinforces a claim late last year by two South African scientists that southern Africa not West Africa was the home of the first Negroes (New Scientist , 13 January, p 90).
  7. (Gomez, it should be said, is the epitome of the "good negro": kind, considerate, unassuming but not obsequious, hardworking and able to make "jokes" about his colour.)
  8. Across the tracks was "Jack's Chicken Shack", a Negro hangout that sold bootleg liquor after the county went dry around 1952, and Sheffield began to grow more ashen and dusty, shrivelling into a near semblance of a ghost town.
  9. If a negro was amongst them, the interest was even greater, for at that time Salisbury contained few coloured people.
  10. Some gave themselves fierce noms de guerre , "Rambo" and "El Negro", as if their only purpose was fighting for its own sake, though even that purpose was largely wishful thinking; much of their time was spent hanging round in the camps, doing nothing.
  11. I am like the Negro, I just go on.
  12. Englishmen could always apply a degree of moral superiority, when necessary, to the upstarts across the Atlantic, by condemning Negro slavery.
  13. For example, in Caquezo and Rio Negro in Colombia corn and potato yields have improved 200 and 90 per cent respectively on hillside farms which were able to adopt the improved technology (Sepuldeva 1980), although this example was only on a limited scale.

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