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Перевод: pride speek pride

гордость ; чувство гордости; чувство собственного достоинства; предмет гордости; гордыня ; спесь ; заносчивость ; самое лучшее положение; самое лучшее состояние; высшая степень; расцвет ; великолепие; прайд ; стая (львов) ; верх ;


  1. In reality, despite its justifiable pride in its voluntary and democratic principles, the WEA cannot simply allow its members to decide policy and to act however they like.
  2. With Jackie it was a mixture of pride and the fear of being sent back to London that drove him on.
  3. It's his pride that's involved now.
  4. He had seen pride and admiration in her eyes, and love - and that protectiveness of the young for the old that came with love.
  5. Three subadult female cubs remain in the pride.
  6. Although bakery closures by the Mothers Pride, Mr Kipling and Bisto purveyor were reflected in slightly lower sales in this area, turnover was 7 per cent ahead at 1.79billion.
  7. His pride in being able to cook three hot meals a day for two of us, on just one litre of meths in six days, was shattered when one pensioner told us that two weeks was more her time scale for such a luxurious amount of fuel.
  8. Sir: The article by Tom Arnold (9 October), vice-chairman of the Conservative Party, takes much pride in the fact that social connections are, in his view, no longer a passport to becoming a Conservative candidate (9 October).
  9. Ferdinando, a clean white blouse on and freshly shaved, looked the handsome fellow who had first attracted her and the way he carried his son, with ease and pride, made her feel warm towards him.
  10. Adult males retain a pride only long enough to father one batch of young females for the pride.
  11. Route served by: Pride of Le Havre, Pride of Hampshire - twin ships, similar facilities and standards.
  12. The Pride of Kent is currently being "stretched"; Pride of Bruges is a smaller ship.
  13. In the middle of the series' first run this presentation will provide an opportunity to consider how successful FAMILY PRIDE has been in launching onto the region's and the nation's screens the UK's first Asian soap.

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