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Перевод: secession speek secession

выход ; раскол ; отделение


  1. After the dramatic changes of recent weeks - the creation of a powerful new presidency, the ending of the Communist party's guaranteed right to rule, Lithuania's attempted secession from the Soviet Union - comes the jockeying for power in the new Soviet Union.
  2. But the secession of the machinemen was not the only source of weakness.
  3. In both cases, the nineteenth century witnessed movements for the cultural identification and assertion of many of the subject peoples, without these inevitably producing demands for secession.
  4. It was the potential, though, of the 1333 secession that captured the imagination of historians.
  5. They want secession from the union, not a new treaty binding them into it.
  6. This advantage would constrain the drive for secession:
  7. The letters were written from the point of view of Ingrams's offspring and mentioned obliquely, among other things, Ingrams' secession of Private Eye , his "prank" affair with Pamela Bordes, and his fashion shoot for the Observer clad in ludicrous youth garb.
  8. They said Rubaiya Mufti, daughter of the Home Minister, Mr Mufti Mohammed Sayeed, was seized in the city of Srinagar by the Kashmir Liberation Front, a group demanding the secession of Jammu-Kashmir state from India and its assimilation into Pakistan.
  9. The parties to a conflict remain, moreover, parts of a single society by virtue of their acknowledgement of a common name, by their participation in certain common divisions of labour and allocation from which they cannot extricate themselves except by secession, emigration or anchoritic or cenobitic withdrawal.
  10. He began to take her to antique shops, sought out trade exhibitions of fabrics and contemporary furniture, bought her books on design - on Bauhaus, which brought him back to his own youth, on the Viennese Secession with its decorative flights and insistence on utility.
  11. One of the generals, Tienie Groenewald, made a splash by boasting of his ability to mobilise 500,000 whites willing to fight for secession if peaceful resistance to black rule failed.
  12. The representatives of national groups increasingly demanded the right of autonomy, of self-government, if not outright secession.
  13. if we demand freedom of secession for the Mongolians, Persians, Egyptians and all other oppressed and unequal nations without exception, we do so not because we favour secession , but only because we stand for free, voluntary association and merging as distinct from forcible association.

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