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Перевод: skate speek skate

скат [зоол.] ; конек ; роликовый конек;
кататься на коньках; скользить


  1. The memoirs of great inter-war players like Dixie Dean, Tommy Lawton, and Stanley Matthews politely skate over the issue, but a Manchester United player in the 1920s recalled a telling incident involving the club captain, Frank Barson.
  2. Cocooned in an ivory tower of antique furniture and unfinished jigsaw puzzles, she spends an inordinate amount of time doing simple things like pouring hot water into a teapot; then she gets on the telephone to her friends and either hangs up just as they reach the receiver or asks them if they wouldn't mind coming round to tea and picking up some skate from the fishmonger on the way.
  3. P. Yeah Reese (Simpson), Monty Nolder, Mouse, Bryan Pennington, Jeff Phillips and Jason Parks were over here a short while back and we went up to meet them and skate at Bury.
  4. Dino is cool to skate with because he is better then me and he really pushes everything to the maximum.
  5. Cooking is unflashy but accomplished: straightforward roast chicken and skate with capers are enlivened by successful local initiatives like seafood strudel or halibut with couscous.
  6. Ice Skating: Suzanne Otterson at the Skate Electric UK International at Richmond
  7. TODD ELDREDGE, the 18-year-old former world junior champion, skated superbly to take the overall lead after the original programme at the Skate Electric UK International at Richmond Ice Rink last night.
  8. N. Why do you skate?
  9. A buyer for the long haul would not skate far past the optimal point and towards bankruptcy costs.
  10. The only failure came when Jon Wensley refused to skate (coward!!).
  11. Gainsborough's house to say nothing of huge grey sweeps of empty beach from which, at Aldeburgh, you can buy goggle-eyed skate direct from the fishing boats as they come out of the water.
  12. For two wings of skate you will need:
  13. Working from the top, there are a couple of skate wings, a few flounders, dabs and plaice, and a last bit of turbot.

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