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  1. The presence of such energetic ladies as Bessie Pullen Burry in the Britons, of Nesta Webster and Catherine Stoddart in the Duke of Northumberland's publishing concerns, as well as Rotha Lintorn Orman's role in the British Fascists and Mary Allen's, Mary Richardson's and Mrs Dacre-Fox's membership of the BUF, suggested a peculiar side-effect of the suffragette movement; political commitment and involvement could develop in very different directions from the dedicated socialism of Sylvia Pankhurst or the militant conservatism of her mother and sister.
  2. To take a rather obvious example, women's liberation today is better understood in the light of its ambient social and economic circumstances than as the inevitable culmination of the nineteenth-century suffragette movement.
  3. The initiative was taken by Helen Crawfurd, a militant suffragette and socialist whose involvement in the 1915 Glasgow Rent Strike had awakened her to the possibilities of resistance by working-class women.
  4. The unredressed grievances and protests of the Commons against the King, the Civil War, the end of the divine right of kings, the Great Reform movement in the nineteenth century, the founding of the trades union movement, and the suffragette movement of later years, are amongst the salient protest movements of our democratic pedigree.
  5. There is a scene in H.G. Wells's novel Ann Veronica (1909), where Ann, the rebellious young woman who has left suburban tedium for a London life as a New Woman and student of biology, discusses Love, in particular, physical love, with a keen Fabian Socialist and Suffragette, Miss Miniver:
  6. But this caused Aboyeur to veer away from the rails and collide with Craganour, carrying him out towards the centre of the course and interfering with the finishing runs of Nimbus - who had been far enough back at Tattenham Corner for his jockey to have seen the suffragette incident - and Great Sport, both coming up the stands side.
  7. During her too short life she never ceased to be Anglican; but she was a Socialist, and a suffragette, and religion for her came to mean, not so much creed or piety, as having a lively social conscience.
  8. Ethel was once in gaol as a militant suffragette, and her friend Gertrude, "another old lag", comes to stay.
  9. Suffragette Emily Davidson, who was to throw herself under the King's horse at the Derby in 1913, hid there during the census of 1911, to protest for Women's Rights.
  10. Mr Hughes's mother was a suffragette.
  11. It was also during this decade that women first became entitled to vote in elections in Britain, but not before they led a very militant, suffragette campaign to get the right.
  12. She was not a violent demonstrator as a suffragette but she worked hard for the women's vote, and at times vociferously at public meetings.
  13. The presiding jury claimed they had not chosen her, as she alleged, but Elina Guimaraes, an 84-year-old former suffragette.

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