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Перевод: swag speek swag

награбленное добро; добыча ; добыча грабителя; доходы от взяток; деньги или ценности, добытые незаконным путем; пожитки ; поклажа ; котомка


  1. Most often she stands with the left foot forward (a borrowing no doubt from the kouros, but it is not like his a full stride, rather so short a step as to seem like a dance-motion), left hand pulling the skirt to the side and letting a swag hang free, right forearm raised forward with an offering.
  2. If you have more time, try swagging or knotting the fabric and then secure it in place using swag hooks.
  3. Day 5 On the Swag
  4. The bag opens and the "swag" from the previous night's job spills on to the pavement: gold candlesticks, war trophies and silverware.
  5. Jeffrey Perry, SWAG Worcestershire
  6. with his clumsy swag
  7. Speakers from only two organisations gave evidence to support the airfield's retention for flying: these were the Save West Malling Airfield Action Group (SWAG) and the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA).
  8. MAPLE LEAF SWAG Patrick Eggle JS Legend There is usually a bonding period of at least a couple of weeks between a player and a new instrument, but this time romance was in the air straight away and what the hell
  9. In order to combat this spectre on the doorstep, in August the Save West Malling Airfield Group (SWAG) called a public meeting to which 13 personal invitation were issued to Kent Council councillors, of which not one attended.
  10. Garden machinery is the most popular swag - a grass-cutting tractor costs over 1,000.
  11. Here the leaves were inserted into a swag base first to create the background.
  12. But the pitch was wet when I picked up a swag against them at Bradford.
  13. This apparently was a common female ploy, the swag being hidden by the voluminous skirts of the period.

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