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Перевод: transcription speek transcription

переписывание; копия ; транскрипция ; транскрибирование; аранжировка ; запись


  1. As Ates Orga's extraordinarily perceptive liner notes point out: "Bach-Busoni, in the Lisztian connotation, has nothing to do with arrangement, transcription, partition, paraphrase, reminiscence or fantasy.
  2. However, detailed analysis of structure and function of each factor is essential in order to understand the basic molecular mechanism of protein-protein interaction in the transcription initiation reaction.
  3. The abundance and the functional effects of N-Oct 3 may be regulated by different mechanisms: (i) transcription of N-Oct 3 may be regulated in a temporal and tissue specific manner, (ii) the RNA half life might be controlled by sequences in the 3' untranslated region as suggested by our findings (iii) a bias in translation in favour of N-Oct 5 proteins may serve to neutralize the effects of the N-Oct 3 protein.
  4. The result is that today a recording is seldom the transcription of a single musical event.
  5. This week, in fact tomorrow, I'm going to splash out an unbelievable amount of money and buy a transcription machine.
  6. cDNA cloning of human N-Oct 3, a nervous-system specific POU domain transcription factor binding to the octamer DNA motif
  7. I was fortunate to find between the leaves of a large book an exquisitely penned transcription of the Commandments and the Lord's Prayer, all embraced in a delicate architectural framework, dating from the late eighteenth century.
  8. Material missing from transcription at this point; cannot correct or quantify, as original not available and book out of print
  9. However, in the absence of Beethoven's manuscript the only reliable source of the transcription is the first edition of 1805, where the passage is quite clearly in the minor throughout.
  10. Fortunately, there are now a number of assessment instruments designed to utilise spontaneous speech samples, and some of these suggest coding utterances direct from a tape without the need for transcription.
  11. But Yaara Tal and Andreas Groethuysen elect to perform the work in Reger's later transcription for piano duet which restores the original orchestral variation.
  12. It is very necessary that the information is not left on tape too long before transcription and editing - it is hoped that the reasons for this are self evident!
  13. The evidence considered here suggests that tetanus-induced potentiation proceeds in stages, beginning with a protein kinase-independent phase (STP), lasting less than 1 hour, followed by three stages of LTP (LTP1-;3), requiring protein phosphorylation, protein synthesis from existing mRNAs, and gene transcription, respectively.

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